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Here are some patterns that we have developed internally and with collaborations with others during the project at NIST. There are display setup targets and targets to be used to characterize the detector.

Patterns on FTP site:
General Patterns: We only supply one resolution here. If you need additional pixel arrays, please purchase the International Display Metrology Committee's document: Information Display Measurements Standard (IDMS), which includes a DVD with many different formats. Special formats can be generated for a price (I'm coin operated now) if they are not included in the IDMS collection. The pattern filespecs are NISTDP02_hhhhxvvvv.ZIP, where hhhh is the number of horizontal pixels, vvvv is the number of vertical pixels in the pattern, and the "DP02" refers to "display patterns set number 2." All the testing patterns are in the PNG format. The collections are in ZIP files. If you have a problem with downloading speed, keep in mind that the size of the collections for the larger pixel arrays can be quite large.Here is the one resolution (1920x1080, WARNING: 75 MByte ZIP file): NOTE: There is a commercial software pattern generator available from (leaves KELTEK web space) DisplayMate that creates many test patterns automatically adjusted to the size of your screen.
Synthetic Faces: One of the directions we have taken is to explore the use of human faces in the setup and testing of displays to look for subtle performance issues. We have generated  somewhat realistic synthetic faces of several pigmentations to be used for this purpose. These face patterns are included with the General Patterns above.  The present faces collection consists of nine patterns (see examples below). One pattern contains all the figures in costumes that contain the color scales of the primary and secondary colors as well as the gray scale. 

Synthetic Faces Originals: These are the original renderings of the synthetic faces should you wish to incorporate them in your own patterns. The size of these originals is 768x1024.
Natural Scenes: Photographs of picturesque areas mostly in Colorado. NOTE: These photographs have compression artifacts and possibly other artifacts arising from the cameras employed. They are not intended to be used for detailed scrutiny of display performance on a pixel level. WARNING: 35 MByte ZIP file.

Setup Patterns for Display Measurements - Version 1.0  NISTSU01doc.pdf , NISTSU01.pdf and NISTSU01.ppt --This is the first version of a set of setup targets for setting up a display. They are also useful in demonstrations and measurement of display characteristics. The full text document (NISTIR 6758) is contained in NISTSU01doc.pdf, the patterns are supplied in two versions NISTSU01.pdf and NISTSU01.ppt. Other PowerPoint(R) versions are also available, but are not documented in the NSITIR 6758:  NISTSU02.ppt and NISTSU02-16x9.ppt. Citation: E. F. Kelley and J. V. Miseli, "Setup Patterns for Display Measurements - Version 1.0," NISTIR 6758, 14 pp., June 2001.

Light-Measuring-Device Checking Targets: (LMDchk01.ppt) --Set of images used to examine the characteristics of the detector used to make detailed luminance measurements in complicated images. "LMD" means light-measuring device. (See the page Stray-Light Management .)

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